WWS Drahtspeichen produziert die Speiche mit dem Kleeblatt

The entire WWS product range

Vehicle spokes and spoke nipples

Flat spokes

for a wide range of uses on classic and/or contemporary vehicles.
Stud spokes are also available.

Swaged spokes

for the high stresses typical of racing, general high performance, and wherever strong axial forces come into play.

Spoke dimensions

All spoke types are available with special spoke angles (BW) 75° – 179°, bend lengths (HL) and leg length (SL) 6.5 – 20 mm (depending on spoke diameter).

Spoke lengths (L) between 30 – 305 mm in 0.5 mm increments, Spoke diameters (D1, D2) between 2 – 6 mm are available.

Chip less reshaping of both metric and imperial spoke threads (D3).

Auto spoke head

Various spoke categories (> M4) are available with auto head:

  • ED M 5 (6 / 5.3 / 5 x 4.40 mm)
  • ED M 4.5 (5 / 5.3 / 4.4 x 3.91 mm)
  • M 5 (4.40 mm)
  • M 4.5 (3.91 mm)
  • 5 mm/6 mm
Custom manufacture

Manufacture of special spoke heads, swage lengths, reductions and nipple shapes is available.

Furthermore, special applications as tie-rod with rotation lock or rod with double-sided threads are available in any total length and in any wire diameter.

Moreover, thread lengths till 40mm without run marks are process reliable available.

Spoke nipples

Spoke nipples DIN 74371 (Part 2) are available for all sizes in brass, and in the case of nipples > M 3.5, in steel as well – surface electroplated with zinc, nickel, chrome and black chrome.

We guarantee optimum thread engagement. Special nipples with various body dimensions and/or threads are available.