Spokes Knowledge

  • During the last years, we developed together with many customers different foreign spoke patterns. Fortunately, we could continuously improve our examination performances regarding the combination tensile strength/elongation/bending compared to competitors.
  • Approximately 70% of our wire derive from Germany; another 30% from Northern Europe. There is no additional purchase from Far East! We are proud to support domestic supplier as they support us.
  • New reduced sizes available: including 2,34 x 1,80 x 2,34 mm / 2,34 x 2,00 mm / 2,60 x 2,00 mm / 2,58 x 2,34 mm / 2,58 x 2,34 x 2,58 mm / 3,03 x 2,34 x 3,03 mm / 3,91 x 3,03 mm / 4,40 x 3,44 mm / 4,00x3,6 mm / 6,00 x 4,87 mm.
  • New reduced sizes available in VA-Special: We can produce, among others, 5.00 x 4.40 mm / 4.00 x 3.60 mm and 4.40 x 4.00 mm reduced spokes from the high-strength material. These spokes are subject to higher tool wear.
  • New surfaces in colour, black-chrome or zinc-nickel; order your samples.
  • Coloured INOX spokes possible in all RAL tones (min. 1200 pcs. per position)!
  • Chromed INOX spokes with good ductility available (min. 1200 pcs. per position)!
  • Zinc/nickel surfaces (2 colours) with excellent corrosion protection (min. 1500 pcs. per position)!
  • In order to minimize supply bottlenecks, we decided to utilise different chrome-procedures simultaneously
    1. Copper/nickel/chrome coating
    2. Nickel/nickel/chrome coating
    Upon request concerning larger order quantities, the service of different electroplating firms can be negotiated. For information only: after diverse salt spray tests we were not able to identify any significant difference between the procedures.
  • As of January 2015, chromed spokes could be delivered standardized with copper/nickel/chrome coating - at least 500 pieces are necessary per position.
  • Black-chrome coating of our spokes is considered a silk matt surface. Optically more like old nitrocellulose lacquer. This surface cannot be polished.
  • INOX special spokes for demanding applications such as SuperMoto, MotoCross or trailer use available in the sizes 8G, 9G, M4 and M4,5; inflection should be max. 20°!
  • Introduction of further imperial spokes (9G/10G/12G) in steel and INOX
  • Sales packages are possible for standard spoke nipples in brass.
  • Introduction of further imperial spoke nipples (6G/8G/9G/10G/12G) in steel and brass.
  • The length ranges for finished spokes and spokes without threads are extended: 1-49mm, 50-99mm, 100-139mm, 140-179mm, 180-219mm, 220-260mm, 261-280mm, 281-310mm, 311-350mm, >351mm.
  • Lengths, construction and diameter of spokes and spoke nipples can differ slightly.
  • Since the beginning of 2017, we are capable to standardize the thick end length. The reduced stick as uncut semi-finished product is 50mm (+/- 1mm). After cutting and head compressing, the blank spoke has a dimeter of 41mm – 46mm thick end length.
  • The quantity discount differentiation does not change (from 250 pieces – 3% / from 500 pieces – 6% / from 1,000 pieces – 9% / from 3,000 pieces – 12% / from 5,000 pieces – 15%).
  • Packaging sizes – depending on the type – are 100, 150, 200, 250, 500 and 1000 pieces.
  • Meanwhile, we stock spokes in almost all diameters in excess length until approximately 750mm.
  • The throat of the spokes bending angle was minimized by specific tools during the new production since the second half-year of 2014. As of 2016, that was further optimized and minimized due to the latest machinery capacity.
  • Single butted spokes are also available immediately in extra length (until approximately 300mm) and with different thick end lengths.
  • Clearly visible improvement of the surface of our stainless steel spokes because of the acquisition (end 2014) of a new polish machine with new polish facilities.
  • The ductility (plastic deformability) of our chrome spokes was improved substantially following intensive cooperation with our galvanics in the second half of 2009. This work was based on the wish of wheel builders to be more flexible in the later plasticity and length adjustment of spokes. Attention: later bending of the spokes in the head area will certainly lead to hairline cracks – these changes / damage is visible under a high-resolution microscope; also the head area is damaged in later bending.
  • Notes on care and storage: the materials that we use are subjected to careful quality checks that also extend to the perfect condition of the surfaces. In order to retain this state they must be cleaned at regular intervals. It is possible for e.g. organic acids, salt water, excrement and similarly aggressive substances to attack the surface and this must therefore be avoided. In the event of contact the surfaces must be immediately polished, cleaned or even re-coated soon afterwards. This will retain the high quality of your quatrefoil spokes and nipples for a long time. Products that are sealed in transparent foil must be protected from condensation (see also our General Terms and Conditions).
  • Built-in spokes must be re-centred after a certain length of service depending on driving characteristics. The guide value is 1000 km (see also our General Terms and Conditions).
  • Please show understanding if ‘W’ spokes are sometimes sold from stock.
  • Both minimum wage increases at our suppliers of electroplating technology over the last few years and serious raw material price developments - especially in the last two years (material costs increased by 40% within 2021) - have led to not insignificant effects on the cost development.

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