Wire spoke range

Steel spokes and Inox spokes

WWS sketching of spoke dimensioning

Steel spokes

  • Uncoated spoke in bare steel – suitable for painting.
  • The classic: Galvanised spoke in zinc- or nickel-coated or chromed steel (diverse galvanic processes are used).
  • Spoke in black chrome: A particularly good alternative to painting. The advantage is that the wheel can be recentred without paint damage.
  • Zinc-nickel chroming with extremely good corrosion properties in “metallic“, “aluminium“, and “matt black“ look available.

Inox spokes

The primary materials used in our Inox spoke are the result of many years' experience. It has the appearance of a nickel-coated spoke.

  • Our polished standard Inox spoke with universal material characteristics lends itself well to additional processing.
  • Polished Inox spoke with particularly high tensile strength and low elongation: For demanding applications such as motocross.
  • Inox spoke in burnished or black chrome: For the "high end" connoisseur.
  • Stainless steel spokes in all RAL-colours available.

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