Hinweise zum WWS Speichenrechner

Notes on the order request

Find out your accurate spoke dimensions with our advanced spoke calculator and get your WWS article number for a simplified order from your dealer

Please get ready with the following measurement equipment
Monitor resolution

To fully display the WWS spoke calculator, your monitor display requires a minimum resolution of 1600x1000 pixels and a minimum size of 19".

In case a smaller screen is used, scaling needs to be adapted in the display settings (right mouse click on screen). Thus, not all spoke lengths may be representable.

Please proceed as follows
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Calibrating (top right) spoke calculator by means of a ruler so that the spoke is displayed in the original size
  • Measuring of the sample with measuring equipment
  • Entering of measured values into the spoke calculator
  • Control through comparison of your real sample and the virtually illustrated spoke

Remark: also without prior measuring of the spoke sample – and only through the entering of values into to spoke calculator – you can build your spoke on the display to compare it with your sample. For the alignment between your sample and the virtually built spoke we cannot assume liability.

Further Information and Explanations

wheel Design

Please note that depending on design and construction up to 4 different spoke types may be used per wheel.

Threads (Wire thickness)

While measuring, please note that the measured wire diameter is always less than the thread diameter. This is because of the cold forming procedure of thread rolling.

  • Example: M4 (3.44 mm) means that a spoke with a wire diameter (wire thickness) of 3.44 mm has a thread diameter of 4 mm.
Spoke head

We produce diverse spoke head shapes. The most common spokes are equipped with back of the head angle or funnel shape.

  • Lens 60° means 60° back of the head angle = standard car head
  • Lens 90° means 90° back of the head angle = standard motorcycle head
BEND length / LEG Length

We measure until 134° in bend length. From 135° we measure with leg length to achieve most accurate results. Please see the WWS sketching of spoke dimensioning.

Spoke Length

The spoke’s full length is measured based on the distance between thread’s end and the angle between back of the head angle and transition to the spoke diameter. Please see the WWS sketching of spoke dimensioning.

Production-related general tolerance ranges
  • Bending angle can deviate up to +/- 3°
  • Bend length/leg length can deviate up to +/-0.5 mm
  • Total lengths can deviate up to +/-0.5 mm
  • Because of production technological reasons, an over delivery in the amount of 10% of ordered quantity is in individual cases unavoidable.