Produktion von Drahtspeichen und Speichennippeln

Tradition since 1885

The eventful history of the precursors
of WWS Drahtspeichen GmbH

In 1885 in Altena, Wilhelm Berg founded awire drawing mill. Over the years, in addition to wire drawing, the production of various metal products, such as springs, hospital furniture and mattresses, etc., was added to the product portfolio.

With the increasing desire for mobility within society between the middle and end of the 19th century and the invention of the wire-spoked wheel, production of wire spokes and spoke nipples became the most important field of business for the Wilh. Berg firm.

In the decades that followed, the firm became one of the leading spoke manufacturers in Europe. At peak periods, up to 3,500 employees were employed on a number of sites.

Over the years from the company's formation in 1885, the clover leaf trademark gradually became known throughout the world.

"Wilh. Berg Altena i. Westf." (WBA) initially had exclusive distribution rights for the spokes.

Later a sales group by the name of "Berg Union" was formed, made up of the firms "Wilh. Berg Altena i. Westf." and "Union Gesellschaft für Metallindustrie m.b.H".

In 1995/1996 the technical director of the spoke production line took over parts of the production plant and founded with other employees WWS Drahtverarbeitungs GmbH.

From this moment the "clover leaf" couldn`t longer be used because the company Wilh. Berg as the management company still exists and stays the owner of the owner rights. So – as an alternative – a "W" (first letter of the name of the then owner of the WWS) is coined on the spoke head!

In the spring of 2007 the previous owner died and the firm was sold off again and was relaunched under the present name. In the same year the old trademark rights could be acquired in order to continue producing the proven and well-known "clover leaf spokes". By stamping the spoke head with the clover leaf imprint, the new owner is returning to an old tradition of the Wilh. Berg firm. The spoke with the clover leaf is back!

In summer 2013, WWS moved – because of organisational reasons – to the proximity of Koblenz.

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