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Quality guaranteed

Whatever the application, spokes need optimum equilibrium of elasticity (elongation) and resistance (tensile strength).

Only carefully selected and tested primary materials are allowed to enter production.

Steel wire for spokes

The high quality of the wire used is the result of its having been developed over many generations. The German wire drawing mill used to be a plant in the ownership of the Wilh. Berg firm. Both the German wire manufacturer and the wire drawing mill have worked together for many years to produce the tried and tested wire that comes to you in the form of our high-quality wire spokes.

Inox wire for spokes

We source this wire from a leading European manufacturer of stainless steels. Since the company in question is responsible for the whole process from smelting to the semi-finished product, consistent high quality and supply are guaranteed.

Brass and steel wire for spoke nipples

The wire from which the spoke nipples are manufactured is also based on a primary material that can withstand the high stresses generated on the road and yet retain the balanced mix of fluidity and rigidity required for manufacture. Here we are also able to rely on the expertise of German companies with their wealth of experience in dealing with these requirements.

Whereas brass spoke nipples are generally used in the motorcycle industry, it is in the automotive industry proper that steel spoke nipples tend to be used, indeed wherever strong axial forces come into play (e.g. where vehicles are coupled together).

Dimensional accuracy

All our spokes are characterised by excellent dimensional accuracy in terms of length, thread and diameter (DIN 74371, Part 1).

Quality assurance

  • Supplier test certificates
  • Corrosion resistance testing using salt spray tests
  • Layer imaging to determine the chrome coating and surface structure
  • Ductile yield and tensile testing


Surface electroplating to original equipment manufacturer quality as specified by German industry standards

  • Zinc-plated spokes for motocross, supermoto, original restorations or as a primer base for further processing stages (e.g. paint application).
  • 1 layer system (zinc-plated, blue chromed)
  • Relatively high sheen
  • Zinc coating leads to very good corrosion protection since the surface will be sealed.
  • Spokes with a 1920s and 30s look
  • 2 layer system (mid-sheen nickel – high sheen nickel)
  • Relatively good corrosion protection
  • Alternative: Inox spokes! These have the appearance of nickel-plated spokes, but give considerably better corrosion protection due to the high nickel content of their microstructure.
  • Optimal corrosion protection
  • Metallic surface, aluminium look, matt black
  • The classic in the restoration field
  • 3 layer system (mid-sheen nickel – high sheen nickel – chrome)
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Layer thickness of approx. 20-30 µm
  • Three-layered-system (copper – high gloss nickel – chrome) or multi-layered-system (copper – semi-bright nickel – high gloss nickel – chrome) are possible alternatives.
  • A semi-matt black protective layer, which is however only weather-resistant if thoroughly coated with oil.
  • In some cases a cheaper alternative to black chrome, or as a base for further processing stages (e.g. paint application).
  • Also available for Inox spokes as an optical alternative.
Black chrome
  • A good alternative to painted or powder coated spokes
  • 3 layer system (copper – high sheen nickel – chrome)
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Another advantage is that the spoked wheel can be recentred without paint damage.
  • Also available for Inox spokes. Here the surface has more of a semi-matt appearance, with a purely aesthetic function.
Aluminium look
  • Zinc/nicle surfaces are possible.
  • Chrome coating is possible.
  • Inox-Spokes in any colours possible.

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