Engagement and Education


  • Zoo Neuwied
  • Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.
  • Bethesda-St. Martin gGmbH: Support through the use of logistics services since November 2020.
  • St. Josefs-Werkstätten Plaidt: Support through the use of various services.
  • Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation: We have been supporting the fight against the climate crisis since December 2020, among others by planting 50 trees each month.
  • Advertisement events in the motor vehicle market
  • Local social events
  • Diverse vintage car events
  • Motocross cyclists such as Yannik Deitmerg
    Yannik Deitmerg
  • Sidecar MX Team Hartmann / Bodtländer

Education and Training

  • Industry mechanics
  • Specialist in metal technology
  • Specialist for warehouse logistics
  • Merchant for office management
IHK Koblenz Fachräfte Ausbildung

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