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WWS bicycle spokes

Since 2024 we also offer bicycle spokes as flat spokes (GL), single-butted (ED) and double-butted (DD). As always, you can find all available sizes and diameters in the WWS spoke calculator.

WWS spoke calculator

Measure your spokes online now: Find the correct spoke size and the WWS article number to easily order your spokes from your dealer.

Imitations in circularition

Tensile strength and elongation of the original material is not correct! Concerns different types. Further information can be found here.


Three-dimensional spoke without a head with two threaded ends for insertion into a wheel hub. This halves the number of spokes required. A design from the 1980s that was used by Japanese manufacturers.

Triple Butted

Triple reduced spokes in various sizes for any customised designs.

Clover leaf nipples

As of now, all spoke nipple new productions with our “Clover leaf”!

G10 nipples

G10 nipples available immediately and G12 nipples available from January 2024 in various body shapes. The corresponding spokes are also available.


We are currently working on the production of the 7.2 x 20mm + 7.2 x 23mm body moulds; these will be available from spring 2024.

Cross recessed nipples

New drive for our spoke nipples available in 8x21mm. Threads > M4/G9 are possible here.

Maybe the smallest spoke
world wide…

Die kleinste Speiche der Welt

your spoke
online now.
With the new WWS spoke calculator.

WWS spoke calculator – Measure your spoke