Due to our spoke production we get in touch with a wide range of technologies. For our commercial clients we would like to offer the following services:

Mechanical blasting

  • Polishing: high gloss consolidation of every type of vehicle parts
  • Furthermore, we are able to offer blasting processes (fine and rude) as bead blasting with steel or aluminium (the surface structure will not be damaged /half gloss possible)

Surface coating

  • Zinc coating, nickel plating, chrome plating, and black chrome plating of small batches possible (no single items)

Wheel construction

  • Support in the search for a suitable wheel constructor and appropriate components as hubs and wheel rims
  • Determination of the appropriate spoke lengths and type as long as hubs and wheel rims are known

Mechanic maintenance work for vehicle components

Due to a large customer base we are happy to support you to find a suitable partner for your vehicle project!

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