General information

Use the spoke calculator to find the dimension and article number for easy ordering of spokes from your dealer

Our strategic reorientation involves withdrawing from the end customer market. It is therefore only possible to purchase spokes and nipples directly from us to a limited extent. Please look in advance for a suitable dealer in your area in the source of supply search. If you cannot find one there, please send your order enquiry directly to us.

Wheel design

Please note that up to 4 different spoke designs can be used in one wheel, depending on the design.

Thread (wire thickness)

When measuring, please note that the measured wire diameter is always smaller than the thread diameter. This is due to the cold-forming process of thread rolling or thread rolling.

  • Example: M4 (3.44 mm) means that the spoke has a thread diameter of approx. 4 mm with a wire diameter (wire thickness) of 3.44 mm.

Spoke head

We manufacture a wide variety of spoke heads. The most common spokes are fitted with a rear head angle or funnel shape.

  • Lens 60° means: 60° rear head angle = standard car head
  • Lens 90° means 90° rear head angle = standard motorbike head

Bend or leg length

We measure up to 134° according to the hook length. From 135°, we measure with the leg length in order to achieve the most accurate results possible. See also WWS sketch for spoke dimensions.

Spoke length

The total length of the spoke is measured by the distance between the end of the thread and the edge between the back head angle and the transition to the spoke diameter. For a straight spoke, the length is determined including the head. See also WWS sketch for spoke dimensions.

General production-related tolerances

  • Bending angle can deviate by up to +/- 3°.
  • Hook length/shank length may deviate by up to +/-0.5 mm.
  • Total length may deviate by up to +/-0.5 mm.
  • An over/under-delivery of up to 10% of the ordered quantity cannot be avoided in individual cases for technical production reasons. For very small orders (< 250 pcs.) only one overdelivery is possible. In the case of prepayment, the order quantity is always delivered.